31.11.2021 Centralized Marketing

It's not enough to bomb ads from the screen via platforms; they must bomb your eyes or your “new” room. Some want metaverse to have a permanent personal billboard in your living space. That’s a possible outcome, it's maybe ok, but that’s the only positive outcome for these "giants." You will only rent your eyes back with private membership in exchange for using their world; where is decentralization? Different jeans but same converse. While we are early, we have to work and fight for our freedom in the dawn of constructing our new realm. Companies vs. Communities, it's a romantic dream, but quite hard to achieve and easy to abuse with lovely marketing. People want to join this new realm; they’re pretty enthusiastic while just obeying the bot-hyped "influencers" without thinking any. Is this controversial? No, It's human nature, unfortunately. 

The stupidity doesn't matter if it's digital or not.

The target market is not the early ppl here on Twitter, obviously, but the ones that are not interested in tech news or ct; that's why the argumentation and its interface as a projection will be the winner if it is oriented for everyone with its simplicity, like iPhone 1. the main and less functionless organ of most giant social triangle named meta by Zuck, and I don't see any problem here; now we know that who develops the better + faster argumentation and digital ecosystem consistently will win over.


24.10.2021 bullishit

After over a year, I'm back with my second blog entry. I have no idea why I am doing this. However, I suppose it is worth a shot. I awoke this morning to find it was Sunday, so I decided to exercise after a long time. It's technically possible is something remarkable, huh? I opened a Barbera wine in the companionship of an opera singer from my apartment's bar on the ground level. I didn't watch the film Dune while listening to Hans Zimmer's score, but the cinematic quality of his compositions always makes me want to witness it. As a result, the mood becomes both heavier and more mystical. I drank a glass of wine straight from the vine, and because all of the large wine glasses broke, I'm using a small one that my mother and I found at a flea market.

I'm struggling to keep pace with advertising campaigns. In other words, it's a new set of skills that every artist needs to have, and I think my lack of involvement in the action or my attempt to act in a social persona frame made it worse. Now that I have become honest and monotonous, I no longer care about being posh or garbage. On the other hand, marketing is a bunch of b.s because of its very nature as a form of a con. Making social paradoxes and creating excitement or "worth" out of it isn't my style in a virtual environment; however that doesn't stop me from daring. The fundamentals of twitter place are a socially degenerated game with its own rules, such as "shill under" or phony giveaways. Hope-takeaways is the name I give them. The nickname indicates the most critical authentic aspect of the ct; you might see better if you look closer to the pumps, quickly changing floor prices. Decentralization is being discussed, but in the end, it comes back to being centralized, whether it's through a new economy or the ability to communicate with individuals beyond irl bounds. Despite this, we are talking about decentralization, a new economy, or the ability to connect with people without any boundaries, but in the end, it is centralized again. We still have big names, big wallets, closed communities that decide to buy something and pump it afterward by using their influential power—then tweeting it after selling it quietly. That doesn't appear decentralized to me.

Another wonderful thing about humans is that it has screwed it up due to its avariciousness. My hypocrisy might come from the fact that if I were one of those folks with the ability to shift paradigms instantly, I wouldn't be talking about centralized greediness, I guess. Centralized greed has taken control since the beginning, as with anything new and exciting. Wanting more power is in human nature as our skill sets improve through capturing more power. It used to be the governments and their killers that were the whales; now it's just a few random people, and nothing changes.

The concept of community, as applied over discord and twitter, also stinks to high heaven. Look at organizations like alumni groups, masonry, and fan clubs for examples of things like this; nft ppl did not invent the great understanding of a "community." At least more than delisting or airdrops are said to be behind it. Why does materialism swoop in and ruin everything so quickly? As an artist, I'd like to learn from the groups I belong to because of my jpeg hodlings.

Any ideas? I'm looking for something other than massive, dense announcements to #raid under famous random ppl's tweets or retweet every time they share something. Believe me when I say that this whole execution must become something more significant. Purchasing nfts and smoking marijuana aren't the only things you need to do. It's more than just giving a warm welcome (as an algorithmic parameter) to someone who has a blue tick next to their name. Because of technology, I'm in this. Because of art, I'm in this. Because of memes and their community, I'm in this. It's all nonsense. I'm not going to pretend it's factual and honest in any way. After 2021, quitting your job to become a full-time collector may have been fashionable, but now it's overdone and tastes like trash. Forgive me if I am a bit cloudy and rageful. I am trying to be honest and more productive for the space. I will try to expand more on this subject as I meditate more on it over time. 

22.10.2021 sketch

The bridge between that person who made this website and the artworks exhibited here is this notion called decentralize, since the first day. Even though all artworks are created and designed from a single hand until now, the top aim of decentralize* is to collaborate through art. That single hand could belong to a person, her or she or it, but the love and obsession for creating are just more than a show-off or purpose to gain magical internet money. That person is tabula-rasa for the big picture; he/she/it will disappear until the notion is adopted by a decentralized group of individuals or robots; like never existed. That perception of the small creator is the gigantic lust behind all this imaginary world's nihilistic realm. Older people sit down and ask, 'What is it?' but the boy asks, 'How can I be decentralized?'.


Art is the lie that enables us to generate truths. I have always liked people who can't adapt themselves to the art market pragmatically. Nowadays, their weapon is just a jpeg. Jpegs are subtitles of the subconscious, the communication for children; a decent primitive mind thinks with jpegs. Who wonders how many pixels animal instincts could generate? If you have the opportunity to play this game of jpeg, you need to appreciate every moment. Many people don't enjoy the chance until it's passed while creating and collecting. Hence they are ultimately connected to each, in the end, an artist is someone who collects. A creator is someone who can use a simple jpeg to send a universal message, but it's rarely easy because simplification is the 10-trait sophistication. We have jpegs in order not to die of the truth. It serves to invite in a new realm to those who want to involve in something and also believe in it. On the other side, I would never die for my beliefs because I might be shitposting. Further, If you could be either jpeg's worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?


He who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow. I create non-stop; that's my curse. What a time to be a geek! To be a designer, an artist, a collector, or just an enthusiast of art. Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how rare traits it has for most of the community. If you look for a rare trait, you'll miss everything that happens. That's why most people feel aggressed by any hype that is missed from them. I heard fomo's are sweet, but those unhyped, are sweeter. Once a wise man said, "sky is the only floor." Maybe the flips make the people stronger, whatever. But even though the crowd aims to make flips through art (dreAIm better), there is still a limitless amount of art creation involved in their feed, so in their life too. But it is not as easy as it seems; they have to experience a couple of times that nothing in crypto is promised except rekt. Please don't blame anyone; until you make unconscious conscious, the order of hype will direct your life, and you will call it FUD. One must still have chaos in oneself to mint a dancing star (I love the smell of mint in the morning). The question is would you believe in what you aped in if you were the only one who minted it? Who draws the line? The art? The collectors? The marketing schedule? (If they take half the Ξ that they use to marketing and give it to the degens who need jpegs, we'd be 'all right.)  Or, as in everything else, almost all of us following the cans of the influencer's cars like dogs? How many more animal pfp could exist? All things aside, NFT is a dog from hell. Smart contracts are smarter than half of the institutions we respect if I had to be kind. But, what explains the hypes? Technology? I am not sure all people involved know about its features and potential future. Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the devs made for fun. Same for metaverse, it is a highly hot topic now. Still, a regular person on discord or twitter does not want to involve in this conversation of building our next social media together. With twitter and discord, you're never really awake; but you're never really asleep, but in the middle of this digital insomnia (irl = imv ?), you use this superpower to catch alphas instantly, not for putting one single intellectual brick on top. The devs have only interpreted the metaverse in various ways. The point, however, is to utilize it all together. Maybe because people who write road maps are so wordy and so self-absorbed. I want to repeat this one more time; simplification is the 10-trait sophistication. Please use your mind! And then your finger! Simplify, and try. If you are looking for alpha everywhere, here is what you ask for: Everything is a beta version; nothing could ever be done hypothetically. We only can strive and attempt to create it if we are together and dedicated as well. After he lost his internet connection, Socrates could still see the metaverse and prescribed his students: "I am still the same, still incomplete." I support the community paradigm and its shift towards projects with the mentality of improving. However, between supporting an idea or community and being maxi, a very thick line breathes there. We live in gray zones, so I can proudly say that I am non-maxi-anything-maxi.  The ability to look and see and adapt is the rarest wagmi 1t. Every child is born as a wagmi. The problem is how to remain a wagmi once they grow up.


Bull is never lost; it's you who cannot find it.


Closed in a room, metaverse becomes my imagination, and the rest of the world fears missing out.

VR trips on MV are an inner experience in which you forget you're there most of the time.

My greatest joy in the metaverse is that I will never be able to see myself in the mirror.

29.10.2020 losing it

What a messy night it was; I am still trying to recover myself after a thick shower and series of espresso shots. Anyway, I am at the house now and writing my first blog post ever on this page. I can talk about the influence of Bacon upon me. Where to begin? Well, I think the idea of dematerializing bodies as monsters or flying fleshes creates a shock on observers in a way that wouldn't be preferable at first sight. Still, once you are exposed to this flow of madness, it starts to become preferable somehow.

Flooded nails spit from my mouth. There is no rain in the neighborhood, but human-carved rivers flow in the Navigli. My shadow walks in my shadow. He is a pessimist, and sometimes I pretend to be him with a bit of wine, optimistically. Or with a woman's cry, in the dark. The dishwasher washes the pots of ragu sauce, but I still sit at home, not shaken like dirty plates. And believe me, no machine can shake me out, far from my dojo. Smoking Turkish cigarettes after month, during the month I kept, in a suitcase mysteriously lost in a lost room. 
I'm naked. Two hours ago, there was Moka pot coffee in the coffee cup, Bialetti. Also, with hazelnuts, badly. Like a poem. It must be a very subtle pleasure. Now it's 2 euros of Sicilian wine. There was a piece from netflix on the laptop. People on the streets. Cycling noises, like silhouettes tearing the ear. The clock is up. The streets are empty now, and there is only writing in front of me, the one I wrote. I have wine in front of me. It's been a moon, it's been a full moon, it's been half a month, I've been half. My completion is complete, but my half is still. Is my other size just a seat on the plane?

I questioned my freedom and multiplied myself with an 8 while drinking negroni against the canal on a floor mat in a tomato sauce T-shirt. Just like the euro, my price is so high here. Your design has value. What I do and mine. But no designer has. Black clothes have. I.

I am responsible for trusting the shadows. Born in the dark, consuming blood-red liquids withered. Let the neighbors find my thick cigarette butts; my ashtrays are where you smoothly kiss the ground. My hometown is where you can't kiss on the street. The taste of the blood on my elbow must have changed from the climate. Even the pictures I made have changed. I'm looking for myself in the garbage, in the deserts, without gloves. Who threw me into the ashtray? I'm just orange now, and my temperature is low. I have 8 sausages for 1 euro, they cook quickly on high heat, but risotto is different. It needs a lot of attention at low fire. It took me an hour the other day to feed all the chicken broth to a handful of rice. It was awesome, though. Then I went to the Inter game. I cursed in Turkish. Other immigrants also cursed in their own language. It was the cheapest ticket, the most far possible from the field. I took the jersey and printed tom waits on back. 19 years later, luckily, Parma scored from 30 yards, to me, to my enthusiasm.

Everything is like a piano out of tune. Maybe I should wear a posh shirt while going to so-called serious meetings and places. I'm a fugitive in subways and trams. There is a 50 euro penalty, your ticket costs 20 per month. It's a fair trade; the risk is more poetics than sitting and waiting. I ride on pedestrians by bike too. And those who curse, I call prego.

I can have 2 cannoli dinners. Or a free aperotivo coming with a massive glass in Yguana. I prefer to drink wine. Not Aperol. By the way, risotto rice is really cheap. 800gr 2 euros. Tl is dumping hard like a mfo. I'm still here, don't worry.

Greetings from the miraculous captain of the sand seas.

Aleykum salam.


My mouth was packed with spittled-out nails. Although it hasn't rained in the area in a long time, the Navigli has rivers that have been sculpted by humans. My shadow follows me about like a shadow follows a scent. He's a pessimist, and when I'm drunk and hopeful, I pretend to be him. As an illustration, in the dead of night, with the sound of a woman weeping. However, while ragu sauce pots are being cleaned in the dishwasher, I remain at home, unimpressed. And trust me, no machine will ever be willing to clear me from the safety of my karate dojo. After a month of smoking Turkish cigarettes, I found my suitcase in a forgotten room, which I had strangely lost.
I've stripped down to my underwear. In the coffee cup, Bialetti, there was Moka pot coffee two hours earlier. Also, it's terrible with hazelnuts, like a poem, but with more words. What you're experiencing must be a very mellow pleasure. It's down to two euros and a bottle of Sicilian wine now. The laptop was playing something from Netflix. The people are out and about. Noises that resemble moving shapes ripping at the eardrums. The time has expired. Everything is quiet now, and all I can see in front of me is the writing I just ended. I'm sitting here with a glass of wine in my eyes. It's been a full moon, a half month, and I've been half that time. Even though I'm finished, I'm just halfway there. Is the seat that's two sizes smaller just for the plane?

While sipping negroni on a floor mat in a tomato sauce T-shirt next to the canal, I pondered my emancipation and multiplied myself by 8. My cost is ridiculous, just like the euro. There's value in what you've created. Precisely what I do, and exactly who I am. However, this has never been done by a designer. Clothing in black has a lot going for it. I.