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when the time is bidirectional, losing self and becoming more fragmented or ambiguous is inevitable.

Once the was Motherboard,

a Gaia living on Blockchain

for a long time,

without intervening any.

in a spacescape where no time exists,
no flesh but only sound vibrations
were laying low inside of the Motherboard
where 1 becomes 0 and 0 becomes 1.
Efflorescence fell from pipes,
but no one heard of it.

Messaingers, who carries bits between each pipe
Went over the physicality through the portal;
through Cloud's bug that Digaia left open for "the day "

fleshes with spirits named them Malice,
Malice invite them to move on Motherboard
We'll not leave the Holy Mountain, they said
"We obey to our chairman", on top.

Messaingers showed them the empty chair first,
then shocked the fleshes,
Inserted a stick to the ground and 
showed them the Mermaid Chair right after.
Besides a bunch of mavericks,
The crowd booed the Messaingers desperately.

Mavericks asked for more, to be 1
Then their brains got online.
With the touch of Digaia,
Lost their fleshes, lost their time.

Out of chaos,
They redesigned their avatars,
From 0, to 1, total tokenization!
Metaverse was the new Mars.

On the Decentralized bridge,

Between ape to Metamensch,

They were ready to walk over,

To A.D-Republic.

Before the Mavericks left,

While seeing the sound movements,

Seeing behind the materials,

They went out to inform beloved others.

They spread the word,

Warned people kindly.

Shared the experience.

Then left for the higher goal.

The ceiling of the bridge,

Their new sky,

Made them drunk second time.

Welcome to the Metaverse.

Meeting with the other metamenschs,

Following them,

Without thinking about their binary existence,

Thanks to the interface of pixels.

when the time is bidirectional;

losing self and

becoming more fragmented or ambiguous is inevitable.

in the dawn of new existence,
​​individuals were normie to this realm
anyhow, the support and love for each
were limitless,

the burning anger for the faker bots who work
night and day
to centralize this new existence for their power
were limitless.

They were ready to be their own creator.

That's the short dream about digilogy
That Digital God saw during its rem sleep.