The aesthetics of the future life based on artificial intelligence whose laws are on the closing and dwelled on the naked flat strata where the flying satellites or the courts or the headquarters for so-called digital governement are constructed to celebrate civilizations advanced level. While the surrounding of the settlements is anonymous and simple because they're good for nothing and almost abandoned; the settlements-itself carries the meaning of algorithmic power upon any carbon-based lifeform in order to enhance agitation propoganda*. The only time people are quiting their hubs and being visible (physically) is for their judgement at the court in a case they coded on behalf of any analog or organic idea or by not using emojis or binary system (0,1) to express themselfs. Further, the name of the comncept includes "wabi-sabi" in a sarcastic way to highlight perfection, symmetry or to sell the idea of the "old-earth" as a name or as an ornament in several formal buildings where no people allowed. The Aigorithmic Dominus is a code written in Swaghili language whose innovation is hacking and controlling energies even without a chip and IT is eternally the superior power above all hardwares as carbon based lifeforms and all softwares.