currently in MILANO

born at Istanbul, 1994

Who is your audience?    Anyone who have a wish to understand chaos better. I organise chaos like a children, which is the best way to understand it. And they would want to hang any of my artworks to the hole; because you have to be kind of crazy to hang it to your bedroom. But I sense that my real audience are those who prefers bedrooms. Straight to their beds. Because they're genderless and colorless.                               


Who are your influences?    When I was teenager, my intellectual route for meaning is shaped by two ideas. My first influence was the idea of Renaissance; it has a meaning of death, to re-born. So, I rehearse my own pre-renaissances again and again. Then I obsessed with the Poetes Maudits like Baudelare, Rimbaud a bit. Their effort to find a beauty in trash or anything ugly in a poetic way pushed me more than conventionnal interpretations. For the relation of forms; my architectural background helped me to think abstractly to create dynamic forms as a live sketches. Artistically, Italian Futuristic ideas and paintings or experimental jazz sounds like Sun-Ra songs are kind of my zero-point. Then the way of expressing myself  as a painter is influenced a lot from the era after WW2. Althought, an expression style after a destructive time like war carries safe nihilistic feelings to find a meaning in a decentralized technologic habitat. 


Explain your work to a child. I study humans, strangers that I see at street. I fantasize about them with colors. I put them in a scenes that they wouldn't believe or wish, thankfully they don't know about it. That's what children does actually.

How do you make your work? First, I split all the colors that I don't want for the composition on my head. After a lot of uncalculated accidents, I always try to hang on the last one I  liked, and process of experimenting becomes an endless moment of expression. For me, the process resembles to a fight of re-finding the purity of the white canvas. What I spontaneously add to that minimalistic emptiness is observations. What are those subconcious observations? Well; beyond the physical world, the moving aura frequencies and its unreasonable colors are only way to feel a being's state of soul. In that sense, I try to describe regular madness or childishness of people from a frame of my daily life. What I achieve at the end? A composition which is boldly contrast to an empty canvas. This unsuccesful conclusion always drives me to re-paint. 


How is your work unique? They are screenshots from dreams that I saw awake. In a daily life, a moment to isolate yourself mindfully like in a dream would be precious.

What is decentralize* ? Well, besides its terminological meaning for blockchain technologies, it is a break away of the human-kind from tradition centered old-self and creating a bridge to the new-self in 21st century. The detachement from dogmas created a nihilistic loneliness, and that caused an evolution to the technology of homo-sapiens  for becoming open-sourced. In this sense, all the creative -decentralized*- acts are clustered around this idea.