What is decentralize*? As well as serving as a scientific term for blockchain technologies, the definition likewise symbolizes a shift in conventional direction and a phase to the new artificial persona of the information age. Open-source technology evolved from homo-sapiens intelligence that was closed-source because of this detachment from dogmas. All imaginative -decentralized*- acts hinge around the belief that the human race seeks more profound value in their existence. Investigating socio-physics through intellectually constructed adventurous acts to discover why mankind strives to evolve in this direction and how this process will rely on the daily life perspective."What is it?" the elderly gather around and listen to the boy's response: "How can I be decentralized?"Decentralize* has been the link between the person who created this website and the artworks displayed here since day one. All artworks have been made and developed by a single person until now, but decentralize's main objective is to encourage collaboration through the medium of art. 

decentralize* is a Turkish visual artist and architect based in Milano who combines a variety of mediums, such as painting, digital painting, design, video-art, photography, and algorithms, to represent self or the ambiguous balance amongst order and chaos from a sometimes futuristic, sometimes existentialist intentions .