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This section contains works of art and photographs primarily created through the artist's emotional journey as a beginning of the expression and the dedication. Containing various subtitles for both mediums listed, the observer will investigate the evolution of the central subjects in the created works and the early traces of the artist's up-to-date handling. The term "Past" indicates the usage of 20th-century tools from a decentralized vision to merge both timeline and generations, which could soften up the previous gens' transaction to the aimed notion, as artists also started to express -self through these techniques. 

This section contains works of art and designs crafted /rendered with a digital tone that primarily aims to elaborate on newsworthy existential concepts, morally in-between sentiments, and new norms progressively coming to fruition. Through combining surfaces and shapes inspired by the "past," often raising a dystopian layout, the storyline of cinematic consequences aggressively zooms in and out on probable techno-tomorrow, whereas exploring the various layers of hypothetical flesh and blood adaptability to 0 and 1. The term "Present" researches to draw a political or aesthetical framework of the more sophisticated civilization dynamics using algorithms and computational design approach.


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This section contains works of art and designs primarily intended for use in the metaverse and worn while at it. In addition to the 3D models of the products displayed from the 360-degree interface, the observer will learn the primary design impulses through writings, experience vids to better showcase the elements, and a variety of jpegs to see their utility as in metaverse. The term "Future" highlights the father time when mankind will adapt well into the virtual environment.

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