“!cactus #raid” This artwork researches the back-hand programming of a monotonous image with the spirit of showing decentralization and participation of various auras towards a unique goal on a large scale.   After finding a random stock landscape image online, a new re-interpretation is made with dots texture. As an expression, that strict regular array of bubbles is the limit of what's enough to transmit a universal message with a JPEG. The chaos with the order inside each dot might be unrecognizable from a distance rather than a desert landscape with inverted colors; hence, each "individual" has a diverse center for its own. The composition comes into existence with 18550 different emotional variations of digital chakras. Nonetheless, this stated essence of decentalisation under a "vision" might be the plot twist by criticizing the main problem of digital communities on discord, telegram, or elsewhere; the centralization under a common goal. Who determines the most appropriate focal point for communities? The community makers. In the context of this artwork, is it reasonable for 18550 unique individuals to unite under a random contented loyalty-free internet picture? The majority of people may undeniably believe it is. Even artists effort and strive to create non-stop, and the curators put them in an excellent habitat in which they make sense together too; for the most part, the digital communities that have sprung up over the past year have been purely materialistic, with members joining primarily to trade and "flip." I believe we require something more than a cactus, although it appears to be aesthetically pleasing or worth following through the insistent dictation of "makers."

100 x 150 cm, Digital Medium