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Decentralize* invites humankind to breathe the experience through the visual wave of technological microorganisms that will form the future's skeleton as the main labor of C3 level civilizations. As they float through space and pass among stars or galaxies like a meteor, these animals have evolved into this form as a result of the mutations of distinct metal and noble gas whilst they pass across codes known as unidentified, suspended in interplanetary space, and forgotten throughout ages. Even in the deepest wastes of space, they continue to flash unabatedly because they are unaffected by gravity and do not imprison light. As a bundle of resonant frequencies, these holistic systems have no conception of time or space and exist only as a composition of zero.mp3 and one.mp3. Due to millions of mutations, each of them has evolved into a new and, as of yet, unexplainable software program.


This grasshopper-generated series of digital paintings contains 100 unique pieces coming from the same 3d model. Even WTDbTS is derived from Decentralize*'s previous collection "Future Wabi-Sabi Spacescape Experiment" in a sense of artistic approach, the difference between them is the main focus is not the meaning of scenes but the aesthetics of geometrical outcome. As it is stated in the name of the collection, there are several inspirations which could be listed as Watch the Throne album cover, Versace textile pattern, The Sistine Chapel mainly and many more. The collection is expected to have 1000 unique pieces over time as it is a living process for the artist himself.